If you want to develop a family friendly project, we are happy to help you.

We help out in particular stages of your development or handle the full development.

Pre production

During the pre production is decided how the project will be developed.
The studio:
  • meets you and other participants
  • discusses your ideas and project specs
  • documents the results of the discussions
  • finds and informs partners and subcontractors
  • produces one or several prototypes
  • tests the prototypes with the target group
  • makes a budget plan
  • makes a time schedule


This phase is for making your awesome project, based on our or your pre production results.
The studio:
  • produces or buys graphics, sounds, and texts
  • programs the project or hires a subcontractor for it
  • produces a pre-alpha, alpha and beta version
  • discusses and synchronizes the versions with you and production reality
  • tests the versions with the target group

Post Production

During post production is the project polished to its final form. The studio provides small and medium reworks. For example changing a level or tweaking difficulty.
The studio:
  • tweaks and polishes the game until it shines
  • organizes the localization (if a localization is necessary)
  • organizes the voice recordings (if voice recordings are necessary)
  • organizes the approval by the client (you!)


Due to technical updates it can be necessary to maintain the project after its release.
The studio updates the project if necessary. Very small content changes are covered by this. Say the color or size of a button or the phrasing of a sentence.
Very big changes may require an additional maintenance contract.