Natur? Politisch.

Created for EAB | Europäische Akademie Berlin


Title screen for the game "Fruiturama", showing fruits and menu buttons.
Created for FLMH | Labor für Politik und Kommunikation

Race Against Corruption

Title Screen for the Game "Race Against Corruption" showing an woman from Zambia, running on her mission to fight corruption!
Created for FLMH | Labor für Politik und Kommunikation and Transparency International Zambia


Title Screen of the game "Theodor" showing a vintage study and a young person leaning against a desk.
Created for Stadtverwaltung Fontanestadt Neuruppin and the Neuruppin museum

Monkey Strike – Collectible card game

Title Screen of "Monkey Strike" showing a pirate ship and monkey pirates.
Our collectible card game prototype!

Dogo Dash

Logo of the colorful Card Game "Dogo Dash"
Dogo Dash is a colorful card game for everyone!



Title Screen of the game prototype "Ezra" showing a happy girl in the front and her cozy tent in the back.
Prototype for a game that teaches kids the basics of politics.

Admins and Hackers

Moral Run

Monkey Swag

Robo City