„Theodor“ is a game we developed it specifically for the museum in Neuruppin. It is about the famous German novelist and poet Theodor Fontane. In the game, he lost his memory and needs help from the players to gain it back.
The game provides kids and teens with a playful environment to get a new perspective on Fontane’s life and works.
The game was developed with kids groups who acted as „critical friends“ and who received an introduction workshop to game development.

The game’s concept is based on results from game camps that were held with kids and teens during the fontane.200 program in 2019.

Title Screen of the game "Theodor" showing a vintage study and a young person leaning against a desk.
Title Screen
A screenshot of the game "Theodor" showing a map of lake Erie on which the player has to solve a puzzle.
Can you figure out where the cities are to be located around the lake?
A screenshot of the game "Theodor" showing a sliding tile puzzle.
Slide the tiles to their correct position in order to bring Theodors memory back!
A screenshot of the game "Theodor" showing a jigsaw puzzle with Theodor Fontane's portrait.
Theodor Fontane’s portrait as a jigsaw puzzle.
A screenshot of the game "Theodor" showing a "you made it" message and pears raining from the top of the screen.
The game can only be played locally in Neuruppin, so its worth a visit!
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